Why chose OUR corrugated board

We did not invent packaging but we can re-invent packaging for you.

REALLY, why corrugated board? Simple: We are dealing with paper, i.e. a renewable raw material.

- The material is 100% recyclable (sparing the environment and natural resources)

- Optimum processing

- Suitable for all kinds of customised use

- More economical than plastic boxes, metal or wooden boxes

Packaging development
Our competence is your solution. We engineer within and outside of the standard. We supply packaging solutions which span multiple sectors, providing everything from initial sampling to series production.

We work using state-of-the-art technology. Our main supplier is Europe's market leader and we can thus bank on the support of several plants and our flow or material never stops. We work with highly qualified staff and hightech plants. This mixture enables us to implement optimised production processes with regard to quality and speed. Constant further development based on know-how, efficiency and processes is the distinction of our manufacturing.
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