Bei uns arbeitet die Tradition noch mit
Heute sind wir ein Innovatives schnellarbeitendes mittelständiges Industrieunternehmen

1907 Year established (at the Pirmasens site)
1965 Relocation to the Pirmasens-Hengsberg site
1977 Construction of an additional warehouse
1983 Extension / expansion of the existing warehouse / construction of residential house on company premises
1995 Expansion of the company premises / purchase of the neighbouring KÖ building / further extension of the warehouse
2007 Expansion of the company premises / addition of superstructure to side units
2008 Initial steps from solid board to corrugated board
2010 Volume passes the 10,000,000m² mark for processing of corrugated board
2011 Acquisition of "DIN EN ISO 9001:2008" certification
2012 Further expansion of the company premises with larger Goods Inwards area
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